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landscape plan
landscape plan
parry agave & creeping germander
parry agave & creeping germander

Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.


Services Provided:

     meaningful garden design

     meditation gardens and sacred spaces


     outdoor living


Austin Living Landscapes is a thoughtful garden design company in Austin. We strive to create meaningful spaces for our clients. With the client, our process is a collaborative effort which produces well planned garden spaces tailored to each client. 


Clients have chosen us because they were concerned about the look of their home, frustrated that work wasn’t getting done in a timely manner and upset with lack of professionalism of landscape companies in Austin.


We have a network of landscape architects, designers, licensed irrigators, professional carpenters, landscapers, masons and blacksmiths that put your ideas to life.  Call us today if you're ready for a different approach to your landscape.



landscape photos


Check out our photos of past landscape projects in Austin and the collection of landscape plans. Some of the photos are "during" so you can get a sense of our process. 

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