How to Choose a Landscape Company?

There are several landscape companies in Austin.  A lot.  These range from uber high-end landscape firms to a guy in a truck and a shovel.  It’s a lot to choose from which could make your head spin from when trying to select a good landscape company in Austin. 


In Austin, by and large, there are:


  • 5 nurseries EVERYONE buys their plants
  • 4 places EVERYONE gets their sprinkler parts
  • 3 places EVERYONE gets their soil
  • 2 rock yards for EVERYONE and…
  • only 1 choice for YOU, the homeowner.


How do you make the choice?  If EVERYONE is buying from the SAME supply yards, then how do you, as a homeowner, choose the right landscape company for you? 


It’s a tough question.


You choose by whomever makes you feel most comfortable. A trusted advisor to you during the design process.  Who’s going to really listen and provide you with a landscape solution that’s right for you? Which company has the most experience and will stand behind their work?


All companies say they’re the best and provide great service.  Some might. Some don’t.  


I’ve heard my fair share of stories: 

“I’m so frustrated…these guys started a project half way and never came back.” 


“I’m so upset that I spent thousands of dollars on my yard—half of the plants died and the other half were eaten by deer. This company doesn't know what they’re doing!!! PLEASE, HELP ME!”


“Agh, this is disappointing because I’ve called three companies, only one returned my call, and I’m still waiting over a month for a simple quote.”


Yep, this is disappointing.  For one, it throws a big bad reputation blanket on the bed of GOOD LANDSCAPE COMPANIES in Austin (yes, there’s some out there). It’s also upsetting because you want your home to look nice—you work hard for your money and want to trust that your project will be taken care of in 1) a timely manner, 2) professional manner and 3) beautifully done.



It is satisfying for me to work with clients in Austin to make their landscape creations.  I look at is as a collaboration.  Like I tell people, “I will guide you and provide my best ideas for a design, but want your feedback because after all--you’re living there long after I leave.”


So...if you're wanting a trusted advisor that's willing to work with you to develop a plan, then let's talk about next steps.  Give us a call 512.921.4400.

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