19. March 2020
Did you know there are antidepressant microbes in soil? That’s right! Here’s a fun fact about how dirt can help improve the blues especially during these uncertain times fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Studies show that soil microbes have similar effects on the brain as Prozac provides.
02. March 2020
Central Texas native trees have adapted to withstand hot summers and periods of drought, as well as survive harsh freezes in the winter. They are resilient to combat tough weather and soil variations (limestone and rock). Some more common Central Texas native trees that work well for Austin landscapes include the; Live Oak, Cedar Elm, Texas Ash, and Spanish Oak.
21. February 2020
Research has proven that spending time with Mother Nature can improve your mental and physical well-being. Whether it’s going for a quick stroll, hiking in the woods or sitting in your garden, breathing fresh air will elevate your mood and provide mental clarity, according to the National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School.
13. February 2020
Spring is on the way and there’s nothing more satisfying (especially for us here at Austin Living Landscapes!) than designing a home’s entryway and improving curb appeal. Not only does a well-designed front yard landscape and garden help highlight the beauty and architectural features of your house, but it will boost value in most cases.
04. February 2020
2020 is off to a great start as we begin to break ground on many beautiful landscape design projects! Some of our 2020 landscape design goals include; bringing the indoors outside, organic and regenerative gardening, companion planting, and wildlife enhancement.
29. January 2020
Want to add beauty and tranquility to your home and life? Here are tips from the Austin Living Landscape experts to get your garden ready for the blooms and blossoms of Spring. Yes, it’s already that time to start Spring cleaning and planning your landscape oasis!
11. April 2016
There are several landscape companies in Austin. A lot. These range from uber high-end landscape firms to a guy in a truck and a shovel. It’s a lot to choose from which could make your head spin from when trying to select a good landscape company in Austin. In Austin, by and large, there are: 5 nurseries EVERYONE buys their plants 4 places EVERYONE gets their sprinkler parts 3 places EVERYONE gets their soil 2 rock yards for EVERYONE and… only 1 choice for YOU, the homeowner. How do you...