sacred spaces

I create sacred spaces.


I want each space I create to have meaning and purpose. Gardens are a repose from the nonstop chatter that life brings. A well planned garden allows you to experience silence and solitude after a long days work.


A garden--different meanings for everyone--be it your favorite place to enjoy your morning coffee and a good book or your own meditation space. When's the last time you took an evening stroll through your own backyard with a glass of wine, leaving the hustle of daily life behind? [pause] I’m waiting...when? Oh, never? Let’s change that.


A thoughtful garden is the respite from our all too busy world, beckoning the call to leave behind the constant chatter of the talk box. The garden is the silent call beckoning you to put down the phone and give your thumb a break; instead of scrolling through someone else’s perfectly postured Instagram life, take a moment to pause and reflect on yours.


Gardens are the quiet solitude that is deafened by our all too busy world.


Your garden is the place you go to sit and reflect. It connects you back to yourself...or your Self. It’s more than plants or a patio or a shady outdoor living space. It goes beyond the shi-shi fru-fru of what the latest trends.


It is deeper. It’s more. It’s sacred.

We’ve all experienced it before. Sometimes a place may just “feel right” and you can’t put your finger on it. Other times, you know why.


This is what I want to create for you. A feeling one is home. A home represented by more than survey marks and boundary lines--a sense of place.


A sacred space.

Perennial Garden
Perennial Garden


Creating sacred spaces is a deep understanding of the meaning for the what and why. The creation of something sacred doesn’t happen on a computer (although it may have something to do with it). It’s a thoughtful conversation with you about what sacred means to you.

Art Installation Concept
Art Installation Concept


The design process doesn't end at the drafting table. It develops throughout the project. Click for examples of landscape plans and drawings.

Butterfly on Dwarf Sweetspire
Butterfly on Dwarf Sweetspire


I want to do something different. It’s a symbiotic relationship between us and the other. Giving more back to the land rather than 200 shrubs and 20 pallets of sod. It’s creating a place for you to get back to the primitive one in all of us. The part of us before iPhones and Facebook. It’s the feeling you get when you’re staring deep into a fire watching flames lick a log providing heat on your face or when you’re in awe of the stars above. It’s the feeling when you’re in the presence of something greater than yourself. It is an encounter with the numinous. This is a sacred space.